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Heaven and Hell?


GoldMoney is a safe and easy way to keep your money in gold as the economic situation deteriorates with over one million accounts and over one trillion in gold plus stock market listing this is a serious operation.

Recommended Brokers - Always Choose the Highest Leverage.

Best choice is Forex Time. They are EU & UK regulated and allow several deposit/withdrawal methods including Skrill. Good spreads and excellent customer service. Choose the basic ECN account and 500:1 leverage, request swap free. They have instant withdrawal for Skrill, which is excellent!

US Clients can use Trader's Way. 1,000:1 Leverage under $1,000 and micro lots. Use Skrill or Perfect Money and bypass your bank. Fast withdrawals, downside large swap fees. Choose ECN MT4 account. Unregulated but used by us for years and fully trusted. The only broker to give US clients a fair deal! Lowest CAD/JPY spread. But the minimum Lot size for gold is 0.1 Lots which means gold cannot be traded with less than $50,000!

FX Open are reliable, fully regulated and used by us for many years. Choose the MT4 ECN account. Many deposit/withdrawal methods including Skrill and Perfect Money. CAD/JPY spreads can sometimes be much to big.


  Please use my links as I get a small percentage of the commission for each trade you make...

BitGold, a safe and easy way to keep your money in gold as the economic situation deteriorates. 1% Fees.

Contact: John@OrionZen.com

Renewal For Existing Clients Only

Since this has been replaced by the better and safer Smart version, it is now $99.00 for 1 year.

Old Version FX Auto Trade $99.00 per 12 months

Input the Account Number of the MT4 you wish to use - it will only work on that account.

I will email you the EA ASAP (within 12 hours)

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7 day refund guarantee contact me not PayPal, please!

You may wish to trade oil!