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Managed Account Copy Trading 50%+ Per Month Suitable for US Clients

    This started life as a signals service operating from technical analysis of the M15, M30, H1 and H4 charts but there are two major drawbacks with this concept. Firstly, signals have to be given at set times of the day and this may not be the best time to trade. Secondly, clients have to be free to get the signal and to trade it which is often not possible as they may be asleep or working at the time.

    We were getting a very high success rate (around 80% with a smaller Stop Loss than Take Profit) so the actual results were excellent. The solution is to offer a copy trading service where my trades are duplicated on your account on your MetaTrader, proportional to your capital, 24 hours a day. However, this concept only works with larger Stops and TPs because of the small time lag involved (less than one second) and differences in broker pricings. With an average 20 pips SL and a 30 pip TP (with the SL moved to +5 pips when 20 pips in profit), this is not a problem. $500 recommended minimum capital (trading 0.1 Lots per $500). Aim is 50+% a month profit and fees are $50 first month, $100pm thereafter by PayPal or Card.

Third party verification of the actual live account from 8th September. Small trades are test trades or closed when conditions move against us. From 4th September, 17/21 wins +276 pips 80% Success Rate.


Note: there are several small losing trades shown on FX Blue that were used to test the sending and receiving.

    Technical Analysis is quite complex and certainly not fool proof. I use RSI, Stochastics, MACD, CCI, ADX, Bill Williams, Ultimate Oscillator, ROC, Fibinacci, Woodies and six Moving Averages - on the M5, M15, H1 and H4 charts! If all of these are indicating a buy or a sell, I then look at the actual chart and use some human judgement to decide whether to take the signal. For example, it could be hitting resistance or support, simply not 'look right' or be a bad time of day to open a trade. If the indicators change substantially during the trade, I close it...

Setup Guide

    First you need to set up a free account with FX Blue here as the trades are relayed through their server using their free software. When you have set up an account, subscribe using the PayPal button below.

FX Blue Account Name
First month $50.00 $100 pm thereafter.

    Then, I will email you to say that I have added you in FX Blue then you can log in, click on where you should see that you've subscribed to signals from fxautocopy.

    Download the 'Received for MT4 EA' and take a look at the user guide for installation instructions (basically installed by copying the install file to your VPS, double clicking and selecting the correct MT4 from the given list).

    Your MetaTrader MUST be left running 24/5 which is why you really need a VPS - see the VPS Guide page.

    Right click on the chart with the EA, Experts/Properties and load the Setup file you can download here (Right click, Save). This is using standard settings to proportionately open the correct size trades according to your capital or you can set up the parameters yourself using the FX Blue user guide. You MUST input your FX Blue username and password into the EA after using the Setup file (click Load on the Inputs tab to load the Setup file). Make sure Allow live trading ans Allow dll inputs are both ticked in the Common tab.

   Make sure Autotrading is turned on at the top of your MT4. Ideally, you need an account in USD but it will convert without problems. You are free to add or withdraw funds at any time.


Recommended Brokers - Always Choose the Highest Leverage.

Best choice is Forex Time. They are EU & UK regulated and allow several deposit/withdrawal methods including Skrill. Good spreads and excellent customer service. Choose the basic ECN account and 500:1 leverage, request swap free. They have fast withdrawal for Skrill, which is excellent!

US Clients can use Trader's Way. 1,000:1 Leverage under $1,000 and micro lots. Use Skrill or Perfect Money and bypass your bank. Fast withdrawals, downside large swap fees. Choose ECN MT4 account. Unregulated but used by us for years and fully trusted. The only broker to give US clients a fair deal! Lowest CAD/JPY spread.

  Please use my links as I get a small percentage of the commission for each trade you make...